LevelOps Inc offers a wide variety of services that strives to provide creative, economic, and individualized services to your needs. Spanning everything from Industrial Communications to Data Tech to Telecommunications to Industrial Automation to Internet of Things frameworks, LevelOps can develop a solution for your needs.

Wireless + Telecommunications

Long range wireless implementation is how we got our start, and we are responsible for the multiple successful large field deployments for both industrial and municipal customers. Wireless frequencies are becoming increasingly crowded and undesirable location makes cellular service a challenging issue, We have both sufficient experience and training to overcome obstacles in this space.

Data Tech + Electrical Contracting

LevelOps Inc has a skilled team of data technicians that can troubleshoot and develop advanced network infrastructure efficiently without compromising valuable network uptime. While more and more devices continue to become Internet connected, we strive to ensure the devices have an appropriate framework to develop large, secure networks for all of your devices.

LevelOps Inc compromises none when it comes to offering electrical service. With licenses in eight different states, LevelOps Inc is devoted to providing safe and effective work. Whether it be installing LED lights or wiring a new building, LevelOps Inc will be ready for the job.

Industrial Automation

LevelOps Inc develops unique automation solutions that modernize archaic, ineffective systems by combining well established infrastructure such as OPC-UA and traditional SCADA platforms with cutting-edge technologies such as Machine Learning, Edge Compute, Cloud Compute, MQTT, and connecting devices to the Internet of Things to allow for better monitoring, increased data clarity, and increased functionality.

Unique Custom Solutions

LevelOps Inc offers highly individualized solutions that combine many of our specialties to create a unique, elegant, and powerful solution that reduces complications and uncertainty with a solution. LevelOps Inc is skilled at finding the best solution for any problem or problems to keep the cost low and keep the functionality high.