We’re an electrical service company who puts our clients first!

LevelOps Inc is an electrical contractor who routinely looks ‘average’ in the eye and says, ‘Nah.  I’ll pass.”

We Help the Industrial, Commercial, and Retail sectors evolve by providing a combination of superior implementation and truly innovative solutions to customer problems.

LevelOps is not just another electrical contractor. We install and configure everything from LED lights and cutting edge robots to control systems. We are a proven partner for installations that must meet established guidelines, and also for the “this has never been done before” projects.

Our home office is in Oklahoma City, OK, but our work is nationwide – from coast to coast – and we’re still expanding.  We do a wide range of electrical services from commercial new construction, commercial retail remodel and lighting upgrades, to industrial PLC controls and automation. We’ve even pioneered some unique projects combining electrical work with new technologies like artificial intelligence.  

We’re a group of talented individuals focused on building a company where clients are happy, employees love to go to work and safety is a top priority.  Our clients range from top retailers, fast food chains and where you grab your auto parts to oil and gas fields.  We have vast experience in a myriad of industries and we’re always up for a new challenge!



On The Level

We shoot it straight and keep it real.

Level Headed

Things can get stressful.  We keep a level head amidst chaos.

The Next Level

The next level of innovation.  Next level of service.  Next level of quality.


Impeccable work – safely done – ensures that we can go home and enjoy life with those we love.


Our work showcases our professionalism and the individual talents of our wonderful team.


Our customers choose us because we’re the best.  Not only because we’re good at our jobs, but because we’re good people too.


We respect each other and recognize good work when we see it.

A little about our culture

LevelOps culture is a unique mixture of structure and caring. The owners are extremely conscientious about how decisions affect each employee. We keep track of, and take very seriously, how many families are dependent on our organization’s success.

our team

LevelOps was founded on the principles of taking care of employees, being hyper-responsive to customers needs, and staying on the bleeding-edge of technology. A philosophy we condensed into the phrase “Do Good Now.”

SID HELMS | CEO/Cofounder

Sid is commonly referred to as the “heart” of the organization. He is absolutely one of the best human beings on the planet to be employed by. His background  as an IT executive gives him unique insight into the more technical side of installations, and, coupled with Caleb’s technical expertise, Chad’s OT experience and Shane’s panel shop skills, brings together “the whole package” making Levelops three types of companies in one.

Caleb Eastman | CTO/Co-founder

You either like Caleb, or you’re wrong. It’s a common sentiment at LevelOps. Whether he is designing networks, implementing brand-new systems, meeting the specific technical needs of customers, or leading team members, Caleb brings world-class skill to the table. Caleb’s technical expertise and innovative mind are quickly becoming recognized in a variety of industries across the nation, customers, partners, and LevelOps team members alike are naturally drawn to his kindness, humor, and steadfastness.

Shane Nielsen | CIO

Shane is one of the sharpest supply chain/financials people anywhere. He is remarkably skilled at taking a problem involving both technical and logistics aspects, breaking it down to constituent parts, and solving each one. He is also an incredibly considerate person, and a great guy to know. His varied background also  includes banking and panel shop management.

Chad Stuart | COO

Chad is a master electrician and super legit controls engineer. As the COO of the company, he is responsible for day to day operations and juggling the difficult schedules that are a natural result of being a nationwide contractor. His experience is in industrial/commercial electrical design and installation, controls engineering, and panel shop management. Chad’s cool head in difficult situations makes him an extremely effective decision maker, and a fantastic person to work with.

When you choose the LevelOps team, you’ll be on board with some of the most well known companies in the country.  Here are just a few – we think you might recognize one or two!